Crafting DIY Mini Coins 💰⚒

In the latest video I'm crafting miniature gold coins... but why? As many dragon myths go, they have a tendency to acquire a lot of gold and silver coinage, so for my St. George & the dragon piece, I thought it'd make sense if there was some gold laying around our little dragon's lair. You can watch how I made my mini coin props below.


Watch Part 7 in the St. George & the Dragon Piece | Crafting DIY Mini Coins 💰⚒



I use Super Sculpey for all my clay sculpting.

The mini gold and silver coins were made by squishing discs of polymer clay between two button's with raised designs, baking the clay, spray painting them with a layer of primer black, and lastly painting the clay coins with gold and silver paint. Once your have your clay discs formed, you can press around 30 of the coins per hour.



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