Making a Krampus Art Doll Head Sculpt 👹

I've a great affection for the Krampus holiday figure, so much so that I decided to make an art doll of him! In this video I share my process of sculpting the art doll's head and if you would like to see how I designed him, you can check it out here.


Watch the Krampus Art Doll Head Sculpt Here


The art doll's head was sculpted with Sculpey polymer clay, my hands, and some steel tools. I knew that I wanted to give him an exuberant, open mouthed expression so I could show off his nice pointy teeth and serpentine forked-tongue. Much of the design was based on classic renditions of the character mixed with my own sensibilities. I chose to give the head a round cranium, long, narrow face from below the cheeks to give the impression of a skull-like visage. Before I could sculpt the character's head, I had to first sculpt his horns on an armature base that I then baked. Krampus' ears were crafted by attaching light colored cloth around aluminum armature wire with Fabri-Tac and then using a water/Mod Podge mixture to stiffen the fabric around the armature ear form.


If you want to check-out a cool contemporary interpretation of Krampus, you should read Brom's (one of my favorite artists-turned writer) "Krampus: The Yule Lord"!




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