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The Singing Bones 💀 by Shaun Tan | Book Look

Shaun Tan's the "The Singing Bones" is essentially a sculpture art book full of primal, even sometimes primitive looking figures that portray moments of Brother's Grimm fairy tales. Often a world of stark gray contrast with pops of color (usually a crimson red) that is equal parts humor and disquieting, threatening figures.


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"The Singing Bones" is certainly not your conventional Grimm's fairy tale picture book as very little of the book's gorgeously illustrated pages are given over to story text, rather, a small distilled, snippet from an image's story is placed beside it.

Tan's small scale sculptures are often used to fantastic effect as he plays with perceptions of scale- mere pebbles that might be at home decorating one's lawn now become a vast landscape in the books title image, The Brave Little Tailor's giant takes on menacingly titanic proportions with a figure astride it that's barely larger than the giant's fist, and simple hardware, nails become deadly menacing spikes.


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